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Evridika Vocal Trio

エヴリディカ・ヴォーカル・トリオ from ブルガリア



「Evridika Vocal Trio(エヴリディカ・ヴォーカル・トリオ)」は2010~2011年にかけて、新ブルガリア大学で指揮者GeogriPetkov(ゲオルギ・ペトコフ)の元、結成されました。

ソフィアの国立音楽学校「Lyubomir Pipkov」を卒業した、マリア・アレクサンドロヴァ、ラドスティナ・ステファノヴァ、モニカ・ボジチコワで構成されています。

"Evridika Trio" was founded from 2010 to 2011 under the conductor Georgi Petkov at New Bulgarian University.

It is composed of Maria Aleksandrova, Radostina Stefanova, and Monica Bozhichkova, who graduated from National Music School "Lyubomir Pipkov" in Sofia.


彼女達は、ブルガリアのほぼ全域の地域の民謡、オリジナルの民謡、数多くの偉大な作曲家の編曲などをレパートリーとして活動しています。2017年にデビューアルバム「Vocal Trio Evridika」を発表。

They have a repertoire of folk songs from almost all parts of Bulgaria, original folk songs, and arrangements by many great composers.

In 2017, they released their debut album "Vocal Trio Evridika".




現在3人は「Evridika Vocal Trio」と並行して、ブルガリアの伝統歌とフラメンコを組み合わせた「Estruna」プロジェクトの「New Bulgarian Voices」の一員としても活動しています。



As a group, they have won the first prizes in eight music awards, and also as a soloist, they have received many awards, and the total number of awards is dozens.

So far they had more than 200 concerts at home and abroad, we can feel the arrival of a new era of Bulgarian voices, both in name and reality.

Currently, in parallel with "Evridika Trio", they are also active as members of "New Bulgarian Voices" of the "Estruna" project, which combines traditional Bulgarian songs and flamenco.

This project also co-starred with flamenco singer Arkanhel and won the 2018 Latin Grammy Award of Flamenco Album.

All of the songs in the album that mix Bulgarian folk songs and flamenco are arranged by the trio conductor Georgi Petkov.


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