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サオダージ from レユニオン





Saodaj' started activities in 2012 and released the first album "Saodaj'" in 2014.

The 6-member group from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean (members have changed slightly depending on the time and project) is now a hot and popular group in the world through YouTube.

Nowadays, they are expanding the range of activities by incorporating melody instruments such as cello, flute, and stringed instruments.



Their musical elements have their roots in "Maloya music," which is also recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Speaking of Maloya, the image of slave music is strong, but they focus more on the "creole (blend of Asia and Africa)" part that is also contained in Maloya, especially the Asian side, and their new sensation. And in combination with them, they give a fresh and refreshing rhythmic and unique harmony.




So far, Saodaji has continued his activities with the themes of vocal polyphony, rhythm (percussion), Creole and French, and expressions of the beauty of the world.

While valuing those basics, they will always ask questions about music and their activities.

And they will carry young power, and continue to pursue creative activities from now on.


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