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Chris Gray

クリス・グレイ from スコットランド



クリス・グレイはスコットランドの出身。ピアノ、バグパイプ、ホイッスルを演奏するマルチ演奏家兼作曲家。 幼い頃から民謡を聴き演奏し育つ。



Chris Gray is from Scotland. A multi-instrumentalist and composer who plays piano, bagpipes and whistles. He grew up listening to and playing folk songs from an early age.

Short-term study abroad at the Royal College of Music, Sweden in 2018. He immersed himself in the rich folk culture of Sweden.

Graduated from the Master's Program in Traditional Music at the Royal Scottish Conservatory of Music in 2019.



Chris has worked as a piano instructor. And has worked a bagpipe instructor while studying in Australia. He has won the 2017 World Bagpipe Band Championship and the Bagpipe Championships in Scotland, England and Europe!




In January 2020, he released him self-titled debut album at the Celtic Connection Festival (a large music festival held every year in the UK) in Glasgow.

As a composer and arranger, he enjoys music that transcends the genres that occur in him, such as folk songs, classical music, and jazz.

Also, as a multi-instrumentalist, he is very pleased to carry out the missions that comes one after another.


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